Professional Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photo Living Area - Grove City

Real Estate Photo Living Area - Grove City

Photos are one of the first things home shoppers see when browsing a realty website from Zillow to Trulia to a broker’s website. Professional photos of a house can be the difference between a potential buyer clicking on past or staying on the listing to view all the photos and read the details about the house.Professional real estate photography can help a listing rise above other listings on the market with non-professional photos. Professional photographers will ensure verticals are vertical, that colors are accurate and that lighting is even. Professional real estate photographers will have access to high quality, wide angle lenses that will further improve the quality of interior imagery.

The Numbers

Let’s take a look at some of the research that has been done on buyer’s habits in regards to real estate listing photography.In today’s Internet age, more people than ever (some say 80+%) use various real estate sites to help decide which houses they want to visit. Of these Internet real estate buyers, photographs are listed as the most useful tool in their search [1]. With photography of the home being such a useful tool an agent can help generate more queries by utilizing professional photography.The Wall Street Journal says studies show the first photo of the home, typically the exterior photo in listings, is viewed for 20 seconds by 95% of the the viewers [2]. Using a professional photo of the exterior of the home is a prime opportunity to get a potential buyer to continue to view more photos and read more about the home. In fact, the same article goes on to say that on a typical online real estate listing, the visitor spends 60% of their time on the photos, 20% on the property details, and 20% on the real-estate agent’s remarks about the listing. With that much time spent viewing the photos, they should stand-out.One last statistic for the moment on the importance of professional photos for real estate listings. A Redfin study showed that listings utilizing professional real estate photography garnered 61% more views than otherwise [3].

The Intangibles

There are many other pieces of research noting how important quality photography is for real estate listings, but I will save those for another day. Let’s take a look at a couple of the less tangible, can’t quite put a number on it things that professional real estate photography brings to the table. Take a photograph, any photograph (doesn’t even need to be real estate related). Think about it for a moment in your head. Ok - did you find your mood shift towards the positive or the negative? To the positive end of things, right? Why? Because well done photography brings positive feeling, it leads to a positive perception. High quality, professional real estate images generate a positive first impression. This positive first impression helps lead clients into approaching the property with a positive perception. In turn, this positive energy leading up to the first showing help lead to a more positive first showing.Why does professional real estate photography help with this? It ties into some of the items noted earlier. Professional real estate photographs are well composed, the verticals are vertical, and the lighting is even. These are things that when they aren’t right, give the viewer pause. Something seems off subconsciously, not quite right. This feeling can lead the potential buyer to click on through to the next listing or cause hesitation or uncertainty about if this house is right for them. Professional imagery helps reduce those negative, subconscious thoughts.

Bringing it Together

With the photography for real estate listing being such a useful tool for potential clients, it should be evident by now that professional images help put your listing ahead of others. It helps make the process easier with buyers approaching a house with a positive perception as opposed to one with doubt and negative perceptions. With today’s area real estate market being so hot - low inventory, multiple bidders on listings, etc - I am sure real estate agents are wondering why bother with professional photos today. I’m saving that for a future post. In that post I will look at how professional images are for more than just moving a listing quickly, but professional images have benefit for the real estate agents who use them. If you want to talk about professional photos for your next listing (or maybe for a listing that’s been sitting too long and needs a refresh of imagery), reach out via the Contact button in the upper right hand corner. If you want to be alerted when I write about how professional images directly help the real estate agent, sign-up for the newsletter below so you don’t miss out. I also plan on releasing a “Things to do to prepare for your real estate photoshoot” that can be distributed to your clients prior to a shoot (even if you don’t call in a professional). That will be announced via the newsletter first as well, be sure to sign up below!Citations:[1] New York Times - Making Every Pixel Count[2] Wall Street Journal - 20 Seconds for Love at First Sight[3] Redfin - Look Sharp: Professional Listing Photos Sell for More Money