Photography for the Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Photography Dinette

Real Estate Photography Dinette

In an earlier blog post on Professional Real Estate Photography I looked at the importance professional photography help attract buyers and sell a home. Professional photos of a home help give the potential buyer a polished look at the interior and exterior of the home and provide more visually pleasing images.Today’s Grove City and Columbus real estate markets are hot. Homes are selling fast. I watch the MLS and see even homes with blurry images, crooked verticals, and underexposed getting buyers within a day. That’s why I want to look at how professional images help the real estate agent in the long game.

Increased Real Estate Commissions

One study cites that real estate agents that outsource their photography earn twice as much commission as those who do not. [1] Let’s look at some reasons that could be.Using professional real estate images positions you as more than just a real estate agent - it positions the agent as a marketer. How does this potentially lead to higher commissions? It means you’ve positioned the property for sale in the best way. The listing is likely polished, high quality images, descriptive text, etc. This helps lead buyers showing up to view the house with a better expectation of the house. Higher expectations lead to the potential buyers coming in more positive and seeing the value of the house before they set foot in the door. As opposed to dingy photographs lowering their expectations and already having them looking for things to knock the price down.Higher quality photos can also lead to more interest in the house from the moment it goes on the market. So even in a fast moving market, getting multiple buyers on the first day of the listing leads to a higher chance of a bidding war. The higher the sale price, the more commission you, the real estate agent, gets.

Usage of Time

In the course of doing business one has to ask themselves what is the best use of their time. Outsourcing certain activities can allow a business person to use their time more effectively to increase their number of listings or be available for more showings. Taking photos that will stand out above the majority of real estate listings takes about two and a half to three hours per house. About an hour and a half to two to capture the images and another hour and half to edit and prep them for optimal viewing on the MLS. Sure you can zip through a house in 30 minutes with an iPhone, but I’m talking photos that stand-out above the others out there. That time spent could be spent on other marketing efforts, opening your schedule to be available for other showings, to calling potential clients in a timely manner to help ensure you gain a new client. If over a month of outsourcing your photography needs to a professional nets you 1 or 2 new listings a month you’ve come out with a higher amount of revenue for the month.

Gaining More Real Estate Listings

A real estate agent needs listings. More listings lead to more sales. More sales lead to more commissions. Potential buyers are likely to browse the Internet and take a look at the current listings an agent has. Buyers selecting a real estate agent want someone that can market their home well. Their home means a lot to them and often has an emotional attachment. They want to see it presented in the best way possible. They want to know their real estate agent is going to really work for them and do all they can to get the best offer for their home. A potential buyer is going to have more confidence in a real estate agent’s ability to market their home if they see current listings by the agent that do it well. This means professional quality images for prior listings and well written descriptions for the home. Those things help distinguish your from the other agents and listings out there. They set you apart from other real estate agents. You move from just someone that takes some quick images and puts them online to someone who thinks about everything that goes into listing a home to bring value to their clients.

Wrapping it Up

Even in a fast moving real estate market, it makes sense for a real estate agent to think about the long term. First, you get to put your time to optimal use - focusing on the things you do well instead of taking pictures.Second, putting the time, effort, and professionalism into listings now will ultimately help you gain more clients. They will see the effort you put into marketing their home and choose your as their agent. More clients means a higher opportunity for sales. More sales lead to more commissions for you. If you want to talk about professional photos for your next listing (or maybe for a listing that’s been sitting too long and needs a refresh of imagery), reach out via the Contact button in the upper right hand corner.If you want to be alerted when I write about how professional images directly help the real estate agent, sign-up for the newsletter below so you don’t miss out. I also plan on releasing a “Things to do to prepare for your real estate photoshoot” that can be distributed to your clients prior to a shoot (even if you don’t call in a professional). That will be announced via the newsletter first as well, be sure to sign up below!

Citations:[1] Inman - Real estate agents who outsource listing photos earn twice as much as others