Best of Nine 2017

Instagram users are probably already familiar with the Best of Nine post folks tend to make at the end of the year. The Best of Nine are the top 9 photos you posted to Instagram with the most Likes. It makes for a fun look back on the previous year and lets you see photos from your feed that resonated well with your audience.

Jeffrey Tadlock Photography Best of Nine of 2017 from Instagram

Jeffrey Tadlock Photography Best of Nine of 2017 from Instagram

The above image is the Best of Nine for my feed for 2017. It looks like my images from Hocking Hills State Park did pretty well, plus some of my abandoned building images. I wanted to take a brief look at each image and give a better idea of where it was taken. So starting from the top left of the grid and then going from left to right and working own the grid, here’s the brief synopsis of each image.

Reymann Brewing Company

This image was taken in Wheeling, West Virginia this past summer. I knew we were going to be in the area and did a little research to see what interesting things there might be to see. This area was the former location of the Reymann Brewing Company established in this area around 1865.

Marblehead Lighthouse

This image is of the Marblehead Lighthouse on the shores of Lake Erie. This lighthouse is the oldest in continuous operation on the US side of the Great Lakes. This is a very popular tourist destination and you have to get there very early to beat the crowds to capture these images.


This image was captured while I was out walking the dog. I liked the leading lines in the image, apparently other folks did as well! The fence is located in Grove City, Ohio and the image was taken with an iPhone.

Broken Rock Falls

An image of Broken Rock Falls starts off the middle row on the left side. I had stumbled across this one while reading about waterfalls in the Hocking Hills State Park. Though located in the Old Man’s Cave area it doesn’t get nearly the attention as Upper and Lower Falls. Which worked out great as on this day we were there a little later than normal and the park was pretty crowded.

Rock House

This row should just be called the Hocking Hills row! This image is of the inside of Rock House at Hocking Hills State Park. This is a popular place to visit and I almost didn’t get this picture. But my daughter convinced me to go ahead and setup. I did and a brief window of opportunity opened up to capture this image without any people in it.

Cedar Falls

Wrapping up the Hocking Hills row, we get Cedar Falls. Another fun waterfall to visit with a different look every time depending on water flow. I like this nice, clean image of the falls. Again, you have to get there early or catch just the right gap in visitors to get images with no people in them. Minutes after this one was taken about 20 people showed up and the nearby parking lot was filled.

Rural Grain Bins

This is a common scene across rural Ohio. I particularly liked the colors in this one and the green fields contrasting against the gray of the bins. Anyone that’s been in Ohio has driven by similar scenes dozens, if not hundreds, of times.

Hillside Waterfalls

I don’t think this set of smaller falls even has a name - at least not that I am aware of. It is simply an example of the myriad of natural scenery one can see at Hocking Hills State Park. This was captured in the Old Man’s Cave area.

Reymann Brewing Company - Part II

This is another image from the Reymann Brewing Company area, different angle. One of the prominent buildings in this area has been torn down which made me question whether I was even in the right area or not. I’ve also been made aware that I missed another cool spot very near this one - something I’m keeping in mind in the event I return to this area!And that’s the Best of Nine for 2017 from my Instagram feed. I look forward to the upcoming year and seeing what it has in store photography wise! Have you done your Best of Nine from Instagram yet?